Version 3 of TouchScreen…

Oct 16, 2007

I thought you’d all like to see the first integrated screen and LED Guide working…

Whats different from previous versions, you might ask?
– LED Guide, touch surface, video screen and backing sheet are now in one strong, reasonably nice looking frame
– LED orientation gives even light distribution across screen using only side arrays
– Heat dissipation into frame is reduced and now manageable.

what needs to be done next?
– Narrow beam LED circuits need to be made and tested. As it stands I am 2 circuits short of filling the screen with light and
found some narrow beam, very bright LEDs that should be tried… they will reduce spillover and may improve performance.

– decide on housing shape (table, kiosk…convertible?) and build it (or whatever variations seem to make sense) so you guys can have a new toy to play with and we can begin to get some applications developed and running on it…

here are some development process pix:

the AutoCAD cross section

Milling the slot to hold the touch surface…

just finished cutting the shelf that makes connection to next piece

the four pieces before cutting off clamp ends

partially assembled showing LED circuits..

……more as it happens…..

cheers, ronmac


4 Responses to Version 3 of TouchScreen…

  1. johnsnavely says:

    awesome. it looks really nice, ron. Now that you’ve reduced the power and increased the size, do you have a better idea of how this would scale?

  2. johnsnavely says:

    Also, check your delicious links. I’ve sent you a few.

  3. Ron MacNeil says:

    Addressing Scalability:
    This version has LEDs only on the short sides of the screen, and its a 1.5 x 2ft screen. If you put LEDs on the top and bottom, with the same brightness(read heat dissipation) it could expand to approx. 3 x 4 ft without changing the cooling strategy, which is convection only. When I add cooling fans that number can probably double.

  4. johnsnavely says:

    wow. that’s incredible! btw, I’ve added you as an admin to this blog so now you can upload pics.

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