Ron’s Email 10/4/2006

here are a couple of movies, the python one shows touching the polycarb, the other shows JMyron and the flash socket test showing the finger positions.. I added reading and writing files, so you can tell it where to look from a file and save the slider positions to a file that gets read in at startup time…

I also hooked the movement of the RGB sliders together, since we are not dealing with color on the table (yet!). I got the display to show a picture(once) and write the blobs over it continuously pretty quickly, which is almost as good as having the picture refresh… and its 15fps… The little piece of polycarb material I’m using has some blemishes from mishandling and that points up the reason for using frame differencing… (for some reason in this java version of JMyron frame differencing doesn’t work (just about everything else does..) maybe a subsequent version will have it) some of those blemishes catch the IR light and you have to tune the RGB thresh value up a bit or they will become blobs.. and this cuts the sensitivity of the recognizer down so you really have to push hard in JMyron …were in python, which has frame differencing, you see only the finger brightness since the blemishes are in every frame.. Oh, we also discovered that if you have the dull side of the floppy screen material closest to the projector (under all the acrylic) the projector lens hot spot goes away.. very, very useful…. but it means I’ve had to come up with a way to stretch the material against the frame that holds the LEDs, etc,… An IR filter on the projector cuts down on the IR in the projected image
so thats pretty much gone…


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