Edith’s Notes from 7/12

INVIVIA multi-touch displays: what could they be? beyond surface! We imagined different shapes and textures of displays, at different scales and orientations. We though of possible activities—or experiences—that, more than others, scream for X-touch displays (ex: things people like to do using 2 hands, ten fingers, or working together, coordinating touch-points and traces among themselves; transactions that become “magical” when mediated through touch; objects that unveil themselves in unusual ways when placed on touch-screen… In this note, I started to list a few projects / ideas under different categories,


  1. form – scale up / scale down — horizontal/vertical/slanted
  2. form – bend / wrap / fold – from flexible to rect-verso to3D
  3. Experience – playing music, data visualization/manipulation
  4. other areas to explore – art installations, science,


Short video [13MB] (pretty old)
Han, J. Y. 2005. Low-Cost Multi-Touch Sensing through Frustrated Total Internal
Reflection. In Proceedings of the 18th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface
Software and Technology

Scale up / scale down – Horizontal / vertical / slanted
UP- multi-touch walls / boards (vertical), tables / floors (horizontal)
when horizontal, boards and walls become tables, pools, and floors. You can use feet (stepping), wheels (rolling), or skates (gliding) to navigate. You can dip fingers in ewater and see circles on the surface. You can put objects on surface, play around with them as if they were real (photos, cameras, albums, maps). You can manipulate traces.

You can transfer contents between objects put on table: ex. Digital camera, download pics (cf. surface). The bigger the floor-display, the more options you have to immerse yourself, with your props, like an actor on a stage.

DOWN – multi-touch-tiles / mini-screens (portable devices)
EX: Nintendo http://www.engadget.com/2007/07/11/nintendo-wii-fit-gets-you-stepping/
Ex: Wii Fit. Wii Balance Board with dual sensors detects your weight and balance on each side as you exercise. The board is wireless, and holds the potential of full-body games involving the Wiimote and the Wii Balance Board simultaneously. If you’ve had enough gaming, you can also have the Balance Board diagnose your body mass index. imagine multi-player scenario if attached on ceiling, tile could be engineered to sense pulls instead of pushes

Bend – Wrap – Fold (1)
Flexible large-scale: From walls to drapes and curtains
Khronos – Alvaro Cassinelli. NextFest 2006
Khronos Projector uses a flexible sheet screen; the projector itself stores a video of a single scene over time. When you press on the flexible screen, the projected scene varies in time. (cf. video on website)

[related] the energy curtain – Touched by the sun… The energy curtain captures energy from sunlight, returns light at night
It is the product of a research project funded by the Swedish Energy Agency. It was demonstrated at the Wired NextFest 2006 festival of technology at the Javits Center in NYC about a month ago Flexible small scale: From tiles to patches – from portables to wearables I imagine multi-touch / multi-sensor patches, bandaids, jewelery, and gloves…But then, again, I may be way out there given the technology we work with.


Cool website; technovelgy – where science meets fiction

Bend – Wrap – Fold (2)
Two-sided multi-touch screen — Ex: Under the table interaction (UIST 2006) Two-sided touch-table allows input from both bottom and top
It would be great to have a large-scale two-sided multi-touch screen Screen could be placed vertically or horizontally (front/back or over/under) It could be “see-through” or not. All kinds of activities can be imagined. 3D multi-touch screens (DOME, column, cylinder) this is a huge area to explore. Could be worth further exploring

Playing music
Digital DJing –
Jazz editor
drawing music…
here goes a cool pre-multi-touch-sensor version……
creation of Japanese musician and artist Miyako Dub Squall The musician/artist draws with different colors on a standard LP record-sized blank piece of paper. The sensors in the arm of the turntable can distinguish between five different colors (black, red, yellow, blue and green). As the turntable spins the ‘platter’ the music plays

Information visualization and manipulation
Multi-touch sensing on LED matrix displays

Art Installations
Media Mirror
An interactive video installation, in which 200 channels of live cable television are continuously rearranged in real-time to form a mosaic representation of the person that stands in front of it. (in progress)

A minimalist social network tracking pin one thousand pins distributed at Ars Electronica 2004 (with Brad Paley, Peter Kennard)


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